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Computational Design Manager


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Future Challenges

  • Microsoft

    As an international organisation Microsoft has a huge impact on our daily life and work environment. Challenges are to stay innovative as an large company in a competitive market. I would love work on a more transparant cooperation with consumers and clients. E.g. designing an developing co-creation systems, or another recruiting system to attract young and talented engineers.

    Product Branding | Recruitment marketing | AI design

  • Crunchr

    Crunchr is a web-app for HR reporting and people analytics. Organisations face the challenge to create useful insights from all the employee data that they have. I would like to support this company with implementing design in the system, adapting design methodologies in the development team and create a better online representation and brand.

    Front-End Development and Design | Usability Testing | Marketing & Sales | Recruitment

  • Lizard Apps

    Lizard Apps is an international web/app development agency with clients like Nationale Nederlanden and the Airport of Kuala Lumpur. Offices are located in Rotterdam and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In this company I would love to work hands on as a developer, but also improve contact with clients by integrating design thinking and methods.

    Web Design | Development | Branding | Project Management

What I do

Front-End Development

Hire me as a freelancer. I code HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap, MeteorJS, Jquery.

Data Driven Design

I optimize the use of your website or app by doing data analytics in 'R' or Google Analytics.

Business Development

My drive is to create something new in multi-disciplinary projects. I use system dynamic models to get to the best solution.

"There hase never been a better time to build!"

Werner Vogels - CTO of Amazon (February 16th, 2017)

Projects & places


Sept 2013 - Feb 2014

In my undergraduate program I went on exchange to Tokyo Institute of technology. A semester I was in a computer science department which focused on data analytics. It was great to deepen my IT knowledge and to explore the Japanese (working) culture.


March 2015 - Aug 2015

In Seattle I did an internship at 10,000ft, this company offers HR software for creative companies. It was a great time and I leant much about human centered design and the HR software business. I definitely want to continue in this field.

Let's build

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